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November 20, 2017

George Gong joins Virtual Capital as an investor and a mentor!

We are excited to have Mr George Gong join us as an Investor, Mentor and Advisor.

We first met George during a kick off meeting for the Zino Ventures New Kiwi Challenge in 2017 where we managed to make it to the semi-final round which we took as an achievement to celebrate, and validation that we had something.

Though we didn’t win, the team from Zino, including George, kept in touch and met us regularly to give us gentle nudges in the right direction. Then during what had become a regular catch up, George said lets do! Just like that, Janitha and I had a very nice bottle of Red, and our first Investor!! But the best part for us, was that we had and advisor and a mentor not only for us, but for all our start-up projects.

The two guys who did all their “business meetings” from a range of Cafés in Auckland, now have an industry powerhouse behind them that has done it all.

The next chapter begins, and we can’t wait to see what we write.

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