Our Story

How we came about

Our story begins in 2016 when one of our co-founders had an idea but faced a problem many other entrepreneurs do; the cost of developing this idea was infeasible, and without a product, sourcing investment or conducting market-validation was extremely challenging.


So, like most entrepreneurs, he found a way to get around it. He took a year off and went overseas to assemble a complete team of developers to build a state of the art eCommerce platform. On his return back to NZ, he presented his platform to one of New Zealand’s leading incubators and got them on board to collaborate.


Now, with a highly skilled in-house development team and an understanding of both business and technical processes, we have decided to open our doors so we can share our talent and resources with like-minded entrepreneurs.


We partner with entrepreneurs and enterprises at a technical level and support them to turn their visions into reality.